Katerra CLT passes testing for first project use, first panels to ship soon

In early July, Katerra CLT products successfully completed product testing for first project use, conducted by its 3rd party agency PFS-TECO, Kattera announced. Company will produce both 5-layer and 3-layer panels, used primarily for floors. Next on track is the testing and certification of 7-layer and 9-layer panels, including CLT shear wall panels to be used for lateral stability, providing even faster and less costly construction. Master panels will come out of its press with a format size of 12ft wide x 60ft long – representing the largest CLT press in the world. The master panels are then fed for finish fabrication into three state-of-the-art 5-axis gantry CNC machines, creating the greatest possible production flexibility.

At scale, the factory has the annual manufacturing capacity to provide thousands of apartments, student housing units, and more than 11 million square-feet of floors and roofs – making it the largest capacity CLT facility in the U.S. Hans-Erik Blomgren PE, SE, Technical Director of Mass Timber at Katerra says, “Katerra’s CLT factory is the first high-volume production facility in the United States. Our ability to supply a high-performance, quality product to projects nationwide is a significant advancement in changing the way we build with mass timber in North America.”

The first project to receive CLT panels from the factory is the Catalyst Building, located in Spokane, Washington’s booming University District. The 150,000 square-foot building will demonstrate the possibilities of the integration of economic vitality, regional sustainability, and energy efficiency by leveraging the legacy industries of the region (such as timber) and the innovation happening in the construction and education sectors. The project joins Katerra and Michael Green Architecture, a Katerra Design Partner, with McKinstry – whose offices are in the University District – as the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and data contractor.

Catalyst broke ground earlier this year, and the first CLT panels are on track for July delivery. Over 500 Katerra panels will be used in the building as floor elements.

Source: Lesprom Network

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