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The Planned 2021 Full-Scale Test

Gravity design of the test building has been completed and can be accessed HERE.

Note the building will be finished with non-structural components and evelope, currently only the structural members are shown in the gravity design. The objective of sharing the gravity design is to solicit interested partners for collaboration and pay-load testing.

If you are interested in participating in the test or having your products tested with the building, please review the gravity design and contact the PI to discuss further.

The following are information from the 2017 Two-story tests

Experimental Data from the Two-story test is now published at NHERI Design-Safe CI. Please use following references if you are using the data:

Pei, S., van de Lindt, J., Barbosa, A., Dolan, J., Berman, J., (2019-05-24) “Two-Story Wood Building Test”, in Shake Table Test of A Two-story Mass Timber Building with Post-tensioned Rocking Walls. DesignSafe-CI. https://doi.org/10.17603/ds2-zcb9-ry11.

Pei, S., van de Lindt, J., Barbosa, A., Berman, J., McDonnell, E., Dolan, J., Blomgren, H., Zimmerman, R., Huang, D., Wichman, S. (2019) “Experimental seismic response of a resilient two-story mass timber building with post-tensioned rocking walls” ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering, In Press

This is an NSF-funded. project to develop and validate a resilient-based seismic design methodology for tall wood buildings. The project started in September 2016 and will last till 2020. The project team will validate the design methodology through shake table testing of a 10-story full-scaled wood building specimen at NHERI@UCSD. It will be the world’s largest wood building tested at full-scale.

An NSF-funded planning project was completed in 2016 and provided the conceptual and technical preparation of this project. More information about the planning project and its (downloadable) deliverables can be found here: NEES Tall Wood Planning Project

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